[fastpages] Fastpages on a private enterprise network. How I did it

I have deployed fastpages on the private kubernetes cluster at my company, serving the resulting site on the private vpn (which cannot be done with github pages).

Since both @hamelsmu and Jeremy thought this might have been of interest to someone, I finally got around and detailed the process.

Obviously using Fastpages.

You can find it here if you are interested. It’s a bit rushed, I am afraid, but I promise to give the site some more love soon.


Not sure why I cannot access it.

I can see the website just fine

Connection reset is a weird error. I have tried both on Safari and Chrome and my mobile. With wireless and mobile network and all seem fine. I am sorry I cannot help with this. Maybe try an incognito connection?

I can see it now, thanks for sharing this. :slight_smile: Maybe it is blocked by company network, I am not sure neither.


Half it worked. Happy to answer any question you should have