[Fastpages] creating fastpages with a different Jekyll themes

Fastpages is build upon jekyll-minima theme. However if I want to use a different jekyll theme , how should I go about it. I am specially interested in Prasad and academicpages

Please suggest what are the modifications(if at all possible) that I need to make to make in order use any one of the above themes while retaining all the core functionalities of fastpages.

I am not sure you can switch themes. If you do so, there will definitely be CSS collissions which you will have to manage on your own. You can try it and see what happens, but fastpages has CSS overrides and plugins that assume minima

Furthermore if you do this you will not be able to upgrade fastpages and may not be able to guarantee that it will work properly. So I don’t recommend it, but you can try it if you feel adventurous

Does anyone succeeded with this ? Fastpages is extremely powerful to innovate the way we do blogging.

For blogs, the visual aspect is very important and the fact that all fastpages look the same can be a blocking idea for some potential new users.

Jekyll has already a huge community with curated themes that could be amazing to be used to configure and create more creative blogs.

For this reason, I would like to ask to the maintainers of this project to consider to add this feature at some point.

Thanks for the good job !!

I don’t think its that easy to switch themes. At some point we will re-write fastpages with a different static site generator but it will take many months before that starts to happen. There is a section on the README for how to customize fastpages if you are motivated to learn enough to do this

@hamelsmuthanks for the answer - we did a quick try and I think we’ll wait impatiently this re-writing :slight_smile:

Don’t wait too much, the re-write will likely ship with a single option too. Either way to customize the theme you will have to learn the static site generator. Just want to set expectations

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Does the rewrite need to be with Jekyll for the static site generator part? Potentially one could hack things a bit more if its based on a Python-based generator like Pelican or Nikola (with Nikola supporting notebooks natively without the need for plugins). Incidentally, the things that fastpages does better than Nikola and Pelikan, couldn’t they also be implemented as Pelikan or Nikola extensions, to prevent reinventing the wheel?

We don’t know yet. We are still discussing different possible options. We are aware of different ways of approaching things!