[fastpages] changing license on forked repo

First of all: thanks for fastpages! I started trying it out over the holidays and am really impressed with both the capabilities of the system and how the github template you’ve created makes things. I was dreading having to spend a day or so shaving a yak to get started, but everything pretty much just worked and now I have a great-looking blog to add to… nice! :smiley:

I do have a question about licensing though: the fastpages template sets up a repo with an Apache license. I have no objections to the license itself, but prefer that the blog itself be licensed using CC-BY-4.0. I think that’s more appropriate for the contents of a blog than a software license like Apache, though I recognize that things are a bit tricky with a fastpages repo, which incorporates both code and content.

I’ve added a footer to the template to add the appropriate license grant to the published blog posts, but I’d also like to make the licensing clear in the github repo itself. The easiest way for me to do this would be to just replace the top level LICENSE file, but I definitely want to ask before doing that. Another option - less obvious for people browsing in github - would be for me to add separate LICENSE files to the _notebooks, _posts, and _word directories.

Any suggestions on a good way to do this that doesn’t step on the fastpages team’s collective toes and makes sure that credit is given?

p.s. the repo for my blog: https://github.com/greglandrum/rdkit-blog
I’m still in the process of “porting” the content from a crappy-looking blogger blog to this.

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Do whatever you want in your own repo

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Great, thanks!