Fastpage blog capacity

hi ! I’m writing to ask about what’s it’s the expected capacity for hosting a blog with fastpages.

We are planning some sort blog/journal that might have a large number of entries and we were discussing the scalability of fastpages in front of that.

For instance, how would github behave with the fact that a colab or notebook have embedded images which might increase the memory footprint and complexity each time an author contributes and next clones the project.

As a possible solution, to avoid storing artifacts like images, we were thinking in some sort of execution mechanism after the merge so that we store plain posts. Still, the post preview images have to exist in a separated directory if I’m not mistaken.

Any comments on that will be very welcomed :slight_smile:

It should be fine. for example have tons of artifacts and images and is served / stored just fine on GitHub

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this is good to know !! thanks so much :slight_smile: