Fastaudio - A library for audio with fastai

We’re proud to announce that we have a first stablish version of fastaudio, built on fastai v2.

You can now pip install fastaudio:

pip install fastaudio

import fastaudio

This is the product of many contributions since 2019 to various versions of the repo:

Thank you so much to everyone that has contributed so far.

This thread is a place to discuss the library itself and features that people might want to see implemented in upcoming versions of the library as well as questions/problems related to usage of fastaudio.


Congratulations! I used the V1 of library to build a underwater orca detector. AIForOrcas. Checkout the confirmed call in last week. I would love to play around new FastAI audio library to see if we can port our code on this version.


I got the error

OSError: /usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/torchaudio/ undefined symbol: _ZNK3c104Type14isSubtypeOfExtERKSt10shared_ptrIS0_EPSo

when running `from fastaudio.core.all import *

I’ve just followed the Colab example at;

and when trying to install fastaudio with !pip install git+
` I got several errors as follow:

ERROR: torchtext 0.9.1 has requirement torch==1.8.1, but you'll have torch 1.7.1 which is incompatible. ERROR: jupyter-console 5.2.0 has requirement prompt-toolkit<2.0.0,>=1.0.0, but you'll have prompt-toolkit 3.0.18 which is incompatible. ERROR: google-colab 1.0.0 has requirement ipython~=5.5.0, but you'll have ipython 7.22.0 which is incompatible. ERROR: torchaudio 0.8.1 has requirement torch==1.8.1, but you'll have torch 1.7.1 which is incompatible.

Do I need to run some furthers steps to make it works ? Thanks

Just found out the answer by reading discord fastai-audio channel. We need to update some torch related library.
Run this after installing fastaudio
!pip install torch torchvision torchaudio --upgrade

@baz Might you or any other core fastiai-audio dev team members be available to Zoom with me & 4 of my students (grad & undergrad) sometime late next week? We’d love to transition our ML-audio work to using fastai and also contribute to community effort. I can make a Doodle poll to schedule…

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