FastAI2 - getting the version number (currently 0.0.8?...2.0.8 better?))


I think it would be a lot more intuitive to show 2.0.8?

(Yes I realize I called fastai2 when I first typed it, but I leave this as a check on all my notebooks and seeing it later if you are just loading things up it can be disconcerting…)

It’s still 0 because it’s alpha :wink: 1.0 I think they’re reserving for when it’s out of alpha

Thanks for the info - however, I’ll post my feedback b/c I"m hoping v2 is a success:

That type of cryptic numbering system helps no one except active devs who can decrypt that, and not having a 2 confuses everyone else.

And if alpha means adding a 1 in front would make it even worse - imagine, lets’ return “1.0.8” version number for a version 2 product?? That’s not a smart idea, that’s misleading zaniness.

Makes no sense imo not to put a 2 in front of a 2.0 product, alpha or beta release or live imo. :slight_smile: