๐Ÿค— fastai X Hugging Face study group

:wave: Fellow Hugging Learners :wave:

Join the official :hugs: Hub organization for the group here.

Few have done as much as the fast.ai ecosystem to make Deep Learning accessible. Letโ€™s make exclusivity in access to Machine Learning, including pre-trained models, a thing of the past, and letโ€™s push this unique field even further.


1 month (June 15 to July 15) group to share Vision and Text pre-trained fastai Learners with the community for further community usage and reproducibility.

Why? Community, collaboration, and reproducibility

We believe in openly sharing knowledge and resources to democratize AI for all.

At Hugging Face, we encourage all practitioners who train models to contribute by sharing them with the community. Even when trained on particular data sets, sharing Learners will help others save time and computing resources, and give them access to valuable trained artifacts. In turn, you can benefit from the work that others have done. Additionally, shared Learners can be replicated by other community members through, for example, the inference API or repository cloning.

What should I do?

This tutorial shows how to share and load Learners (including those created with blurr) to and from the Hugging Face Hub.

  • Say โ€œHi!โ€ in the #hf-fastai channel in the fastai Discord server (kudos Wayde Gilliam). Servers are places where a community can interact via channels for specific topics.
  • Join here to the โ€œfastai X Hugging Face Group 2022 (hugginglearners)โ€ organization in the Hub (so that you can add your Learner to the organization).
  • Train a vision or text fastai Learner. You can use an already pre-trained model from the Hugging Face Hub.
  • Share a trained fastai Learner with the community through the Hub. You can use the push_to_hub_fastai function. Remember to describe your model in the model card.
  • Create a Gradio demo to showcase your model. Here is a tutorial in the Hugging Face course, and the next iteration of the fastai course will include a section on sharing with Gradio.

SWAG and prizes

  • Participants that share at least two Learners with their respective Gradio Space will get a voucher to acquire the official Study Group t-shirt in the Hugging Face merch store. The graphic design will be defined soon.
  • All participants: fastai x Hugging Face event badge on HF.
  • Top 10 Gradio Spaces based on likes: Hugging Face PRO subscription for 1 month

Ask for help

Please ask in the #hf-fastai channel in the fast.ai Discord.

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