FastAI V2 on WSL2 w/GPU acceleration

Well, it looks like it may finally be possible to install ML/DL libraries within Win10 using the WSL2 with GPU support. I just came across this article, dated today.

So, I will try to get this running on a clean install of Win10 and hope to document all the steps needed starting tomorrow. If anyone else has already been successful in doing this with fastaiv2, please share, otherwise, stay tuned. I hope my cards are compatible or this will be a bad write-up!


I’ll be looking at this soon too, so eagerly awaiting what you find out or any troubles you have. :blush:


Is this already available? I was under the impression that they just announced the feature and it will be available later.

We have a public preview via nvidia: (no idea when this was released, just found it now)

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Haha should have pressed the top link! I had originally read the announcement from a month ago…

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Me too, didn’t realize it’s release date was today :stuck_out_tongue:

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It looks like the basic steps are outlined in this link:

Here are some notes to be had before people attempt to go this route. I downloaded the latest ISO from Microsoft for Windows 10 and used Rufus to image it onto a USB stick. I chose Win 10 Pro which was dated as a 5/11/20 release date. Upon installation, the version presented itself as 19041.264. From the above link, you need version 20145 or higher for this to work. In order to get that build, you need to join the Windows Insider Program. Doing so requires you to allow sending of data from your machine, blah blah blah, so if you are a privacy freak, this may not be for you. I originally joined the “Slow” track and updated. But this only took the version to 19042.330. Again, per the above link, you need to join the “Fast” track. This will give you version 20150.1000 as of today. It is a large download and a lengthy install (it is still installing as we speak).
While this is installing, you can download the special NVIDIA drivers. Again, these are not general availability drivers. You need to sign up for the NVIDIA Developer Program to download them. Again, if you don’t like giving up your email address, this is not for you. The drivers are .5GB so it may take a while. I will update in my next post on enabling WSL2 per the above instructions and try to get anaconda and fastai installed before I go to bed.


OK, time for bed. I was able to install the NVIDIA drivers and get WSL2 up and running Ubuntu 20.04. The problem becomes with the kernel version of wsl2. Version 4.19.121+ is the needed version, but my version is stuck back at 4.19.104. I have checked windows update for any updates like some of the posts say but it does not show up there. Additionally, I have tried running wsl --update in PS but it does not update. So, I will try again tomorrow to see if it is a timing thing. I will also try Ubuntu 18.04 as well. If anyone can get past this step and upgrade the Linux kernel, let us know how it goes.

Until tomorrow…


to update WSL2 version

In windows update, be sure to go into advanced options, and turn ON the selection for “other Microsoft products”. Now to see what type of damage I can do…stay tuned.

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Let’s close this thread and refer to the steps in