Fastai_V1 - Using FastAI version 1 with own dataset


I am trying to use fastai version 1 on a dataset I created and used with version 0.7. I am having a really hard time just loading the data and using it in a CNN. Below is a picture of fastai version 0.7. It works great. The problem is, I can only run it in the fastai github folder. Below is a picture of my setup with v0.7:

So I am running v1. Please help me understand how to partition data so that I can use it for a CNN. Is it the same as v0.7? Any help you can give me would be appreciated! How should the folder structure be for my images for a CNN? I am using my own data. I only have a cpu. It is becoming increasingly evident I cannot use it the same way as v0.7. Below is my setup with v1.0:

There is a from_csv factory method too, in fastai v1. Maybe check the docs too.

Thank you for pointing me to the docs! I see it works much the same as v0.7. I was able to run the CNN much the same way as before.