Fastai v1 and machine learning

In the ml1 course we are using the older version of fastai.
And I checked the fastai v1 code and there are no machine learning helper functions which we previously access via: fastai.structured.

So that means, fastai v1 is totally a deep learning library and there’s no such utilities for machine learning.

Is that the case or am I missing something here?

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You can now access via fastai.tabular module. If you have installed the v1 library, you can see here my technique of leverage library to preprocess data for random forest.

The add_datepart function is no more in the library I think. But you can copy it at x_009a_rossman_data_clean.ipynb

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@dhoa Thanks for the detailed info.
For now, I’ll use the old fastai version as I’m following the ml course.

It’s relief that, we still have those features in v1.
Thanks again.

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Does anyone on this thread know the version number of fast used in the Machine learning course? I’m asking because to me it seems easier to create a virtual conda environment and install an older version of fastai to keep your environments clean

The ml course notebook says it runs on fastai-0.7.x

I am just copying relevant functions in my notebook from here