Fastai text - get_preds() vs predict() in inference


I have a classifier model trained with fastai text in v1.0.39 and I’m trying to run inference on a large number of sentences (> 1M). I’m not using GPU and I noticed that if I just loop through all sentences and get the model output with predict(), is way slower than using get_preds() on large batches of data (~30-50k at the time). The problem I’m facing is that if I cross check the output from get_preds() for a given sentence with the corresponding output from predict(), often the classification is different.
In my case the model is a binary classifier where I expect the large majority of data to be negative. The positive samples from get_predict() often get classified as negative with a single call to predict().

I’m using get_preds() in the following way:

data_test= TextClasDataBunch.from_csv(path, 'train.csv', test='test.csv', label_cols='label', vocab=vocab)
ll = text_classifier_learner(data_test)

preds = ll.get_preds(ds_type = DatasetType.Test, ordered=True)

I then extract the positive samples:

preds_conv = [v.numpy() for v in preds[0]]
index_positive = [i for i,v in enumerate(preds_conv) if v[1]>= 0.5]

and run predict() on those as a cross-check. Often, they get now classified as negative.

Am I doing anything wrong here?



It looks like you’ve been careful about the order, but I’d definitely want to rule it out.

How do you do that?

If you score all the test data both ways what are the % that are positive each way?

I keep a separate copy of test data set and run predict on the indexed elements that get_preds() return as positive. About 50% of the time, predict() confirms the classification as positive.
Regarding the second question, as predict() is really slow for me, I ran a similar test on 100k samples: get_preds() returned 2 positives, 1of which was classified as positive by predict(). The other one came out as discrepancy, and there was one different sample classified as positive by predict (but not by get_preds). So in this small test case, 2 instances in both cases (but not overlapping). I can repeat the test on more data.



In case you are still facing this issue, have a look at this thread.
Copying or reloading the test data before running predict()seems to align the prediction categories.

Have you figured it out? I am currently facing the same issue. predict() runs extremely slowly (i have 805000 predictions to check) and get_preds() returns nonsense