Hi all,

I created a extension for fastai to include object detection. Currently there are models like FasterRCNN, MaskRCNN and EfficientDet included. It comes with a class, which makes it easy to download images and annotations from MS COCO to create your own custom object detection/ instance segmentation dataset. Try it out, maybe you find it useful.

The code is public on github.
The extension is build with nb_dev, so it’s build in jupyter notebooks and documentated.
You can find the documentation here.


Wow. great work. Thanks a lot

This is awesome. Any plan to add YOLO5?

that is excellent news, and very interested in yolo5 as well

Unfortunately YOLO5 is under GPL license, so I can’t use the code and publish it in my Apache-2.0 licensed repo…

But there is a guide how you can implement your own models here.

Maybe I will create a second repo with just the yolo4 or 5 model for the next kaggle competion, when I have time for it. :smiley:


Thanks for this Robert!

I’m working with your extension and have found it quite useful to get a Faster RCNN model running quickly! Now, I’d like to use the ColSplitter() instead of RandomSplitter() with the ObjectDetectionDataLoaders class. This seems like a straightforward modification to your source code, though I’m having some difficulty in the implementation. Any help would be really appreciated!


Thank you very much for creating the extension, it is really great! Could you recommend the best way to create DataLoader from a custom dataset (images and annotations) and not COCO dataset?