Hi all,

I created a extension for fastai to include object detection. Currently there are models like FasterRCNN, MaskRCNN and EfficientDet included. It comes with a class, which makes it easy to download images and annotations from MS COCO to create your own custom object detection/ instance segmentation dataset. Try it out, maybe you find it useful.

The code is public on github.
The extension is build with nb_dev, so it’s build in jupyter notebooks and documentated.
You can find the documentation here.


Wow. great work. Thanks a lot

This is awesome. Any plan to add YOLO5?

that is excellent news, and very interested in yolo5 as well

Unfortunately YOLO5 is under GPL license, so I can’t use the code and publish it in my Apache-2.0 licensed repo…

But there is a guide how you can implement your own models here.

Maybe I will create a second repo with just the yolo4 or 5 model for the next kaggle competion, when I have time for it. :smiley:

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