Fastai Library : Using DALI Library for Image Augmentations?

Hi Everyone,

Came across the news article featuring the release of NVIDIA DALI library.

NVIDIA DALI v0.1 Link :

NVIDIA Data Loading Library (DALI) is a collection of highly optimized building blocks and an execution engine to accelerate input data pre-processing for deep learning applications. DALI provides both performance and flexibility of accelerating different data pipelines, as a single library, that can be easily integrated into different deep learning training and inference applications.

While watching the lecture video @jeremy had mentioned few times that he might shift to GPU based data processing when the library was made available. Are there any plans to incorporate in fastai library? if Yes, i would like to help in integrating the same.



This DALI seems interesting for sure. I’m not sure how the steps to integrate it would be, but it might give a boost to fastai wrt the “competitors” on the augmentation part too!

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