FastAI Library Myndbook


In order to better understand the structure of the FastAI library, I’ve started a Myndbook for it. I have created it as intersection between high level concepts in FastAI with the low level code documentation (the line is pretty blurred right now). I thought I’ll share it here. Its pretty nascent. You can find it here.

Please note that this is only a viewable link. If anyone is interested in contributing to this book, let me know and I’ll send you an editable link.



Nice work … !!@shaun1

thank you this is cool

Thanks Shaun1. This is both cool and useful!

This is awesome, thank you for sharing this

Yo! :+1:

More documentations, the better for fastai library :wink:

Not sure if you guys seen this diagram, not really mindmap. A bit outdated. I made it as my wallpaper while studying part 1.


Thats pretty cool that you made it as your wallpaper! I didn’t want to do an image since the library is still in its alpha stage so many changes are bound to happen. For example, after I created it, two env files were deleted so I had to alter the map.

BTW if anyone is interested in contributing to this please let me know. Especially, the vision part of the library because thats not something that I’ll worry about too much.


@cedric, did you ever consider to put an editable version of this on Github? What tool did you use for creating your wallpaper? We could keep it current together. I like your graphical approach to documentation. Looks like UML.

Here there is a source OmniGraffle file: fastai library v3.graffle
I should have done it long time ago.
I don’t know about a decent free/online UML tool.

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Simply lovely, thanks a ton :slight_smile: