Fastai lib

Hi, I just now started this machine learning course.
I the below code to update fastai libraries:
!curl -s | bash

and when i tried to import libraries, It shows me the following errors:

No module named fastai.structured
No module named ‘pandas_summary’

How do I import those libraries?

That’s the older version of the library. You should either try from fastai.old.structured or git clone the fastai library and work out of the Old folder

I say if as I’m unsure if the first method works. But the second should.

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Thanks @muellerzr I’ll try that.

Hii @muellerzr
I’m not able to find it in git hub. I can only find newer deep learning libraries.
How do I it get the old one?
Also, @jeremy mentioned he’ll be covering machine learning also in the 2020 course.
So is it a better idea to wait the latest version?

It’s under fastai/old on the main fastai repo. Yes it would be better to wait (and refrain from @‘ing Jeremy unless you truly need him to look at something please)

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Oh,okay. Thank you Sir, and sorry about that.