Fastai ImageDownloader Widget Class - ChromeDriver Issue - Lesson 1&2 Downloader

Hello. I’ve watched Lesson 1 of version 3 of the course and I’ve been experimenting. I used google-images-download as recommended by this thread. It took me a while to get the Chrome Web Driver working but I eventually did. Here is my notebook on Google Colaboratory that shows this working: Notebook Link

I came across this page in the documentation and realized that I could use the download_google_images function of the ImageDownloader class from widgets.image_cleaner in fastai. However, when I tried to use this function with over 100 images (which requires chromedriver and selenium) it fails as seen in this notebook: Notebook Link

Specifically, I get this error message:

Error initializing chromedriver.
Check if it’s in your path by running which chromedriver

I ran !which chromedriver and got an output of /usr/bin/chromedriver.

Why does the image downloader from the google-images-download package work but fastai’s image downloader not work?

Thanks for your help.