Fastai forum and sample projects

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but I’m certain it is more than 1 person:

The forum threads and shared projects are intimidating. Nearly everyone knows more than you and it’s natural to feel like you don’t belong. Jeremy does all he can in the lectures to reduce this, but I can say from experience that I still struggle with it. And that is ok. Please keep coming back!

Just today I was able to solve 3 issues in my code by digging around existing threads. So thank you to all who dare to post and to all who are kind enough to reply! :slight_smile:


I wholly agree with everything you say! New folks: don’t be afraid. All of us were exactly where you were, and still are in a lot of areas. And that’s okay! We all learn together. This forum is a very kind community so never be afraid to post a question that doesn’t quite fit what you’ve found, and seems a bit too ‘dumb’ of a question. I guarantee you someone else either has or has had that same question! We’re all here on our own machine learning journeys together to support each other. Don’t be afraid :slight_smile: