FastAI for complex systems/non-linear dynamical systems modeling

Hello FastAI community,

I recently have been interested in the intersection of machine learning and complex systems/non-linear dynamical systems, especially in the case of chaotic dynamics.

Here is some relevant literature/news that piqued my interest:


Two questions:

  1. Does anyone have databunch/dataloader and code for resevoir computing in FastAI they would be willing to share? I would also be interested in LSTM code as well. The cases I have seen for time-series forecasting with LSTM in FastAI involve a 1D time series. Here, I am more interested in multi-variate time series.

  2. Would anyone be interested in a study group to learn and implement techniques in FastAI at the intersection of machine learning and complex/non-linear dynamical systems? This could be an informative article to reproduce: