Fastai &fastai2 Module library frame composition 模块库架构图

@ module library architecture
zwPython.com团队,近期发布了各种常用的Python模块库架构彩图,首批超过一千多个Python主流模块库: Recently, the team released various commonly used Python module library architecture color charts, and the first batch of more than 1000 mainstream Python module libraries:

Backtrader, zipline, pandans, tensorflow, pytorch, keras, etc

其中包括:fastai,fastai2 dev
These include: fastai, fastai2 dev


zwMap:Python模块库架构图;千言万语不如一张图,全系列Python各种模块库架构图,小白入门学习神器。 zwMap:Python Module library frame composition.A picture is worth a thousand words. The whole series of Python module library frame composition, Xiaobai beginner learning artifact. do-it

模块库架构图,又称:功能结构图,相当于硬件设备的电路图,无论是初学者,还是高级程序员,都是必不可少的。 Module library frame composition, also known as: functional structure diagram, is equivalent to the circuit diagram of hardware equipment. It is essential for both beginners and advanced programmers.