Fastai detectron2 wrapper

Hey guys,

does someone of you know about some kind of fastai style wrapper for detectron2?


I’d also like to express interest in this. My skills are nowhere near good enough to create such a thing, but I’d certainly use it if it existed.

It’s a nice platform from my brief use of it. however installing it on the same server as fastai2 appears to have mangled my ability to load/export/ likely due to changing pytorch so be careful with it.
Regardless, I’m impressed with it so far even though I had to setup on a sep server

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I’m also interested in having this integrated with fastai. Especially in PointRend for image segmentation…


Im dying for the public release of the segmentation model

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Hi Christop,

Did you get any wrapper or built one?

Ganesh Bhat

No, I have just used the detectron2 framework directly but unfortunately have not had the time to build a wrapper yet. Using it directly is not as hard as it seems at first.
I can recommend this article series for a deeper understanding, it helped me a lot.

Thanks for the link. This is useful.

A notebook with an adaption for a problem of mine. Maybe it is useful for you besides the example
colab notebook from the fair team.