Fastai Book

I have some time to go through the FastAI course currently available right now, but I also saw that a draft of a FastAI book that will be the basis of a MOOC in July is out on Github as well.

I looked over the chapters, and it seems like they cover similar concepts. Does anyone have more detail on what the differences are between the course currently available and what’s in the book / upcoming course?

I’m debating going through the current course vs. going through the book vs. waiting for the new course in July.


The book and the course overlap, but the book also goes into much greater detail over the concepts. I’m readying the book for now and then doing the course once it’s available. I view it as sort of partner material for the (new) lectures :slight_smile: (though of course the concepts are still there from the old ones!)


Can I publish solution to fast ai book’s exercise on my blog?