Fastai book subgrouping questionnaire

After I skimmed a chapter, I like to go to the questionnaire. I found it very helpful and stimulating. I just wonder whether the questions can be subgrouped under different subtopics. Put all the questions or some questions into a database or like memorize, can be some very good resources. Thank you for making the book available free on line.

Aren’t they already subgrouped by chapter topic? What would you like to see in terms of questionnaire subgrouping?

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Regarding putting into a database for memorizing, a fellow fastai community member is already doing that:

30+questions can be a bit too many for me and a bit scary for newbie. The question can be subdivided by a. practical, b. concept/theory c.glossary d.FAST.AI specific, all question index with chapter number as well. besides, there can be [tag]s for the question and chapter. Thus, the reader can filter the questions.
Just a couple thoughts.

Thank you for your reply. The link said that page doesn’t exist or private.