Fastai aplication to the music education

Hello everyone;
A few months ago, I started Jeremy and company’s Fastai course. Now that I humbly belong to this vibrant community, I wanted to raise a question regarding the application of IA, in my professional field which is teaching music in a conservatory.
The idea that I have had for some time and now I see the possibility of realizing with Deep Learning and Python, is an application that on the score, points out to the student two fundamental things:

  • Notes and passages that are out of time.
  • Out of tune notes and passages.
    Other applications:
  • propose study strategies(repertoire works where the same technical difficulties appear).
  • alternative fingerings
  • time of dedication to solve the difficulty together with strategies for solving it.

I would like to know if anyone moves in the field of music teaching application and if it could be implemented.
A costly issue to start with is obtaining the necessary data…

Any, advice, ideas, ideas, recommendations or whatever would be appreciated or perhaps, It is a crazy idea and i must forget It.
(Sorry for my bad english​:pray::pray:)
Thanks and greetings to all!!!

To take a slightly adjacent field, something similar is currently being successfully applied in the world of Qur’an recitation by the team at, where they correct recitation mistakes of a user on their phone.

This is one of their technical blogs on what they’re doing: Tarteel's ML Journey: Part 1 - Intro & Data Collection

I imagine much of the same repertoire of tricks apply to music, though probably certain kinds and use cases of music already has a decent amount of investment into figuring this out.