Fastai 2020 part2

Any idea when is the Part2 of the Fastai 2020 being posted?

There’s no ETA for it at the moment

also tbh, if you haven’t yet done 2019 part 2 I’d recommend it.

it’s different than previous part 2s, and it covers recreating fastai from the ground up, so you get a better understanding of how it all works, and how you could then try improving it, how you could try implementing academic papers, different activation functions etc.

if i had to put money on it, i’d guess than 2020 part 2 would not be like 2019 part 2, so if you’ve got the time i think it would be worth doing.



I agree with @joedockrill. Course 2019 part 2 has been fantastic.

I just finished “part 2” of the book (which actually is part 3 and 4 in the book :slight_smile: ) and it’s actually pretty similar to course 2019 part 2. It follows the same main idea of looking under the hood and building the most important parts of the fastai library by yourself. And since the book is basically the second iteration of teaching Deep Learning from the foundations, I had the impression that it is structured more clearly and easier to understand than 2019 part 2.


And there is no Swift in the book.

How different are part1 in v4 vs v3?

I had started course v3 part1 and did my first run through the lessons with a lot of struggles with library being outdated. But now that v4 part1 is released, I am wondering if I should restart with the new lessons and how different would it be in terms of content covered and relevance to current developments in the field.

Is there any newsletter or other medium to be notified when Part 2 2020 or any other course will be released?
As a beginner I prefer continue the flow of part 1 2020, focus on the essentials of ai and not struggle outdated libraries and environment settings (+ seems like Jeremy changes his mind in relation to Swift)


same here what are you doing becuase library being outdated giving errors

I have also started fastai v3 because of topics covered like gans and thing like that.What to do,whether go with fastai v3 or fastai v4

Any clue on when part 2 will be released?

I’m wondering the same thing. My guess is, never.

I think the book has the 2nd part and Jeremy has quite a few lectures explaining the fastai library (new) used in the book.

Well, I suppose “never say never” … because it looks like Jeremy will be doing the part1 again for Univ of Queensland … not sure if a version of Part2 is in the cards as well?

Jeremy mentioned on twitter that he will probably do a part 2 course after the part 1 this time around.