Fast matrix multiplications from scratch

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For the math / linear algebra lovers under us: I wrote a blog on explaining matrix multiplications from scratch and doing a couple of refactorings to speed things up. It’s based on lecture 1 of part2 of the 2019 course which also goes over this, but it has one last speed-up which is not covered in the lecture.

Spoiler alert: by doing so we get faster then torch.einsum :bike:

I hope you enjoy reading it, feedback welcome :slight_smile:


Great post. A small typo in the definition. Size shall be ‘ar x bc’.

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Thanks so much for noticing and letting me know @bilalUWE, I just pushed a fix :pray:

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Hey Lucas,

Excellent post!

Quick question, what did you use to create the images in your blog post?
(They’re very pretty!)

Hi @Grey-Shirt,

Thanks :pray:. I made them with, that works pretty well in my opinion!

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