with R

No, it is not a feature request, and yes, apparently it exist. It is not a wrapper like it is for Keras with R, it is just a “brute force”, or maybe quite elegant use of reticulate (a library to call python stuff from R). If you are curious of it, I invite you to jump directly to 11 minutes, where the learner etc are store in R objects (first part is just the level zero of reticulate : just passing python script inside reticulate).

Even as a R user it blow a bit my mind. My guess is that the good writing of the library with clean classes and methods allow to write this kind of things in R :


without having everything exploding in hands.

Anyway, i just wanted to share this curiosity and made the community aware of the existence of this possibility. And the other R users that could came to learn deep learning with could be willing to use it, at least for the fun of it.

Actually I wonder if we can go further in the R style of writing and use the pipe %>%, to push the concept to its limit.

The code is here :


Thank you for sharing this! Fastai was one of the reasons why I moved from R to Python, but I still miss some things from coding in R.

You are welcome !

Me I came back to R at the moment with Keras. You know what ? If I use with R on kaggle (and I think I will for the fun of it) I will share my kernel here. It could be nice to have a list of kernel to document how it work inside R.

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I was actually using reticulate last week. What a coincidence. Piping would definitely be a good feature to add to it.

Hi everyone !

I was typing R in google to retake a look and play a bit on my local computer …

And I found that someone create a R wrapper for fastai :

Fun !