Slack Workspace?

Sorry if the question was already raised previously but could somebody tell me if the global Slack workspace will be created? Or forums are intended to be the main place to carry on discussions and share information?

AFAIK there is no global slack, and the forums are (obviously :stuck_out_tongue: ) intended for discussions.But, there are several slack channels for study groups.You might wanna try joining one acc. to your time zone.

Note that these forums provide largely a superset of Slack functionality - real-time notifications, keyboard shortcuts for everything, etc. You might want to consider creating a “chat” topic in your study group category instead. You get many benefits, including proper threaded discussions, no need for folks to register for a separate system, better linking to other topics…

(Having said that, if local study groups want to use slack, they’re welcome to. But note you will be less connected to this community if your discussion is elsewhere).


Google Chrome doesn’t allow push notifications from non-HTTPS sites (as far as I know)[1]. Since many people use Chrome on desktop and mobile, they will not be able to enable live notifications[2]. @jeremy: Can possibly be moved to HTTPS?

[1] “Because push notifications are paired with a service worker, apps that use push notifications must be on HTTPS” -

[2] Screenshot of live notifications setting (blocked by default)

I didn’t know they’d changed that. Fixed now. :slight_smile:


Agree, taking into account its benefits, the forum looks like a better choice. Probably an additional global Slack workspace would be just duplicating of the forum’s functionality.

I also like to use this rather Slack. Simply because slack hides all the discussions and deletes older chats in the FREE version.

So, there’s no point in using Slack unless you don’t want to share things to the public.

by the way, if you want a more slack-like experience (not quite…) then there are apps for the phone for discourse that work on iOS and android:

And then you can make yourself a desktop app if you want to. All of these tools basically wrap electron or a browser and just use the website, but one advantage is that now you can jump to the forums using alt-tab. :wink: (very big time saver)
This way you don’t have to permanently search for the right tabs in your browser…

I used this on linux:

have used this (with other pages) on macs before:

and read good stuff about this (not used it though):


Cool stuff! Definitely worth to give a shot.

I tried using the iphone app, but received a note: “This forum is using an outdated version of Discourse.”

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