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Hi I’m in

I am in

Hi all, Thank u @vijaysai for taking the initiative.Looking forward to meet u all for healthy discussions

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Do you think we need to have a slack group for collaboration or the forums are good enough?

Jeremy has suggested creating a new Chat topic in the study group

I find this reasonable. All the discussion lies in the same place. Thoughts please.

Hey @vijaysai : I guess we can communicate here as Jeremy just said on live chat.

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Hi guys! This is Pawan. Already have a doubt regarding Google Colab. I signed up colab and got the 300$ credit, now I have two doubts, one is do we have to create an instance or like i am doing now, use jupyter notebooks in Colab website and connect GPU in that website itself.
the second question is about installing all the libraries including fastai every time we use Colab?

Apologise if this was already discussed in the forum in general.


Hi, @legsidestrangle Google collab is completely free. There isn’t anything like credits, did you mean google cloud? Jeremy will be discussing the installation, cloud options in the class.

Ok. I am now a bit confused, I will wait for Jeremy to discuss further but I thought the 300$ cloud credit will be used for GPU which will be charged certain $ per hour?

Will come back here if it’s not clear after Jeremy explains more.

Hi All,
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I think google needs to give approval to use GPU even if we have 300 credit

Google collab and google cloud compute are 2 different things - google collab gives you free jupyter notebooks upto 8 hours at a time.
Google cloud is a typical pay as you go service, for which you’ll get 300$ worth of credit when you sign up

Hi All,
I’m in

So I am assuming the GPU we get to use in jupyter notebook via colab won’t be sufficient for this course? And if I may ask, how is that used GPU chosen?

Would anyone be interested in doing weekend in-person study groups?

Hi all,

To form private study groups, plan meetups. We need to know how many of us are interested. I have created a google sheet, please fill your name and forum username and your vote for slack workspace.

If you are from Hyderabad and are taking this course seriously fill the form here

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google collab will give you a free k80 I think, it should be fine for the course. you can’t choose your gpu in collab IIRC.
In google cloud compute - you can pick the gpu while creating your VM instance.

ah Thanks!

Not a post which belongs here but Anyone here from Vizag?