reading group in NYC

Hi all,

My colleagues and I are thinking of hosting a reading group in our offices.

Is there an existing group in need of a space, or enough interest in NYC for a new group?



I’d be interested

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cool @pattyhendrix and others who’ve liked! i put together a doodle poll. Ignore the dates, but if you’re interested, could you select the day of the week that works best?

These would all be in the evenings (6-8ish) and our office is in Soho.

Thank you!

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I would be interested to join the group too :slight_smile:

@s_ann Just curious why you guys chose to call it a reading group as opposed to a study group? At my meetup we are starting to run more deep learning events, so I am all ears when it comes to interesting ideas for study/collaboration!

@iamgianluca great! if you haven’t had a chance yet, mind filling out the doodle to let me know what day of the week is best?

@P_Wes No real reason, they’re functionally equivalent in my mind. I’ll be interested in swapping strategies as well once we’re underway!

Sounds good, I look forward to it!

I responded to the Doodle— also interested!

Responded as well. Looking forward to it.

Thanks all! We’ll pick a day of the week + start date later this week and update the group soon.

Looking forward to it!

hi everyone! thanks for participating in the doodle. We’re going to go with Mondays as they seemed to work for most.

We’ll have our first meetup on Monday July 9 from 6-7:30ish pm. We’ll provide pizza and there are drinks and snacks in our office space.

If you’re planning to come, please RSVP here so I can get you registered for the building. We’re at 100 Avenue of Americas.

What’s worked for a past study group was for everyone to watch the video on their own time, and then discuss questions when we’re together. Let’s plan on doing that for the first one and see how it goes.

Looking forward to it!

Hi S_ann
I’m interested in joining the NYC reading group too, but can’t figure out how to fill out that sheet on doodle. Is there an alternative way to RSVP ? Thank you.


Hi Pavan,

We decided to go with Mondays so I closed the doodle. We’re having our first meeting on Monday July 9 from 6-7:30ish at our offices (100 Avenue of Americas, 3rd floor).

If you’re planning to come, please RSVP here so I can get you signed into the building.

Hope to see you soon!


Hi all, just a reminder our first reading group is going to be next Monday evening starting at 6pm.

If you haven’t already done so, please RSVP here so we can get you signed into the building. We’re at 100 Avenue of Americas on the 3rd floor.


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Hi Ann,

What’s the name of the firm that’s hosting this?

Hey! We’re called Spell and we sit in the Two Sigma offices. If you say Spell to the guard, they should know where we are.


Hi all! Last post on today’s meetup. I’ll start a new thread for the next one.

We’ll be meeting up around 6pm. I’m unfortunately going to miss this first one, but some of my colleagues will be here.

I’ll be at next week’s and look forward to meeting you then!

Hi all, thanks for coming out to our first reading group!

We heard it was a bit early for people coming in from after work so we’re pushing back the next meeting to 6:30 to see how that goes.

I made an eventbrite link for RSVPs this time:

Look forward to meeting y’all!

Hi Ann, I’m interested and registered for tomorrow’s meeting. Looking forward to meeting you and the group tomorrow!

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