| Is there a Machine Learning Course here?

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In the lecture videos, Jeremy has mentioned a machine learning course several times as a place to look at for more information. Are these videos currently online? Are these a set of documents somewhere? I can’t seem to find any references on to it.



Great! Is there part2 v2 available somewhere too? :slight_smile:

If no, when Jeremy will release it? Is there a some planned date to release the rest?

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Part 2 v2 is not available yet.

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If you can, I highly recommend watching the ML1 videos linked by Simoneva above.

There are shorter than the DL1 (about 1h15m each), less intense and cover some key points of the Fastai library you won’t see in DL1 (Jeremy walks through his code in more details with the ML1 students).


That’s great! Random question… If it’s @ March 19th, how does one sign-up for classes to participate?

Is there any way for me to attend those in person @ SF?

Yes you can for sure…
Search their website for the application link…
You can be there as an international fellowship student too…

In lesson 8 of this,

optimizer=optim.Adam(net.parameters(), lr=learning_rate)  

is run and the parameters are updated, what exactly has been updated?

net = nn.Sequential(
    nn.Linear(28*28, 100),
    nn.Linear(100, 100),
    nn.Linear(100, 10),

Are the weights part of the ReLU process or are the weights just not seen?