in The Economist!

Can’t quite believe our little lab is in The Economist… :slight_smile:


“The ambition, says Mr Howard, is for AI training software to become as easy to use and ubiquitous as sending an email on a smartphone.”
Indeed this is fastai Library.
Thanks for this wonderful course jeremy. You are surely helping us to change our lives :slight_smile:

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Proud to be part of the masses!

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Very cool! :+1:
It says “more than 100.000 students”, how many registered users does the forum have, by the way? Can you enlighten us a bit about student statistics?

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Looks like there’s about 18000 forum users.


Think there might be exponential growth coming - in number of students, number of people watching the videos, forum participation, fastai library downloads.

“No. Greek. Letters,” Mr Howard intones, thumping the table for punctuation.