for less privileged people

Yes, deep learning is to use GPU and large dataset to train large models, therefore it is reasonable for all the notebooks to assume GPU availability and huge dataset storage space.

However, there are still billions of people having no free access to GPU and large storage for big dataset, nor they can afford physical GPU and large storage. is very popular and famous, people around the world want to make the most out of it by learning all the coding skills, practical knowledge and theory of deep learning through experimenting the notebooks. For people who are denied with free access to GPU and large dataset storage, they may still leverage the most out of notebooks if a very tiny version of the datasets are provided.

A tiny version of datasets provided on github has the following benefits

  • easy to download
  • enough space on local computer to handle
  • notebooks can run perfectly neither original large dataset nor GPU
  • models and source code can be experimented and learned thoroughly with only CPU

In this way the less privileged can still make the most out of

@jeremy @rachel

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Hi @Daniel
Did you get a chance to checkout the Colab section on the course website?
They offer free GPU instances and there is a walkthrough of how-to set everything up.

Please check the forums for a discussion thread on it if you have any issues setting it up.

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thanks @init_27 for your suggestion on Colab.

I do can access Colab with Astrill. However, most people in this country have no access to Astrill (VPN) to access Google, Youtube, Colab and more.

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which country are you from?

Hi @Payback, thanks for being curious, but I don’t want to name it, and you know there is only one country on this planet big enough to have billions of people denied access to google. I guess India is bigger but has open access to google.

Hi @Daniel ,
There are free VPN alternatives, also you can create your own vpn server like here:

Or if your country just block IP you can use tor


@Daniel You can also use kaggle kernels. It has free gpu

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thanks for your suggestion! I got Astrill to use myself, and I don’t think most VPN will last very long in this country.

I guess what people who have no access to GPU and large storage need is a tiny version of the datasets we use in

thanks a lot @mahirmhd!

You are right, it seems without VPN, GPU on kaggle is accessible! This is great news!

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Hi @Daniel
I understand what lengths you’re going to in order to learn :raised_hands:
You can also try services which provide credits based on referrals (like Paperspace) or sign-up for services which provide abundant credits to students (AWS Educate, Azure Students, etc.)

Also, to get the ball rolling you can start with a referral chain with all your fellow students. On Paperspace you’ll get $10 with this link.

@Daniel FastAI notebooks are now available as kaggle kernels, here is the getting started page.