APL study session 16

Discussion of the 16th study group can go here. Overview

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Glyphs in note books as of this session






64 glyphs from total of 77

These to do


These self explanatory

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Anki deck to keep the glyph monadic/dyadic/overall names fresh: anki/APL_FastaiStudyGroup_MdCards.csv at main · Isaac-Flath/anki · GitHub

Anki deck to keep shotcut keys fresh: anki/Hotkeys_APLSymbols.csv at main · Isaac-Flath/anki · GitHub

There is also a CodeCards one in that same folder but it needs some work. Feel free to use if you’re ok sifting through some stuff, otherwise hopefully it’ll be in better shape at some point soonish.

Eventually will maybe get to a deck for mnemonics as well when the code cards are done, but if someone else wants to tackle that one that’d be awesome.