Fast AI always use GPU on inference


I’m trying to set the fastai for inference on CPU. After reading all the recommendations on the forums, I have already tried the difference methods:
Method 1:

   fastai.torch_core.defaults.device = 'cpu'

Method 2:

 defaults.device = torch.device('cpu')

Method 3:

 fastai.torch_core.defaults.device = torch.device('cpu')

However, I always observe that GPU is used when I run the fastai code. Could you help me a solution for this problem?

My conf is Windows 10, fastai 1.x, pytorch 1.x.

Inference is always run on CPU by default and training on GPU. Are you sure there’s not something else going on in the background which is draining GPU?

Yes, I opened Task Manager , and run my code multiple times. GPU was used only when I launched my fastai code, even though I already set the value as my post above. That’s why I am confusing.