Fast AI(2018) Lesson 2 in Collab?

Anyone out there done the Lesson 2 of Fast AI(2018) in Collab? Kindly share the link to the Notebook file please!

Theres a github repo that links to collab notebook until lesson 3 (so far)

For general setup is very helpful.

For getting the kaggle api to work just follow the initial cells of - without authenticating the google cloud api - using a simple file upload of your kaggle.json file.

So I actually made a video on how to do lesson 2 with a custom dataset.

And if anyone is interested I also have a Colab notebook where I use a google images dataset.

In lesson-2 SGD, I’m unable to plot the final graph. It throws the below error

The actual reference github notebook also is not working
What am I missing here?