Fall 2020 UK/EU Study Group?

Would there be any interest in a study group for those in UK/EU timezones, looking at the new fastai2 course? Probably general weekday evenings, not anticipating anything hugely high pressure!


Hi I’m following this thread because I’m interested. Not sure just because I don’t know if I will be able to be present in specific evenings etc. But something asynchronous would be perfect.

I’ll be honest, that totally works for me too…discord, forum thread, similar. More to build a community/commitment device than anything else!

Nice, I agree. As you prefer. We can stay here in this thread and see what happens, or anything else. I’ve seen someone organizing over slack. But, again, I’ll use what you decide!

I’d be interested. Timing can be pretty flexible. I’d enjoy some synchronous work as well as async. It would be great to grow and support the UK community.

This sounds like a great idea to learn. I would be interested in joining, learning together, and/or collaborating.

Hi, I am interesting in joining. Timing is quite flexible for me.

Hi, I am interested too!

I’m also interested. I agree that it could be good to do communicate async but also plan some synchronous sessions for those who can make them.

I’d suggest we go with Slack and am happy to set that up. But can also go along with the consensus if people prefer something else.

Would like to join, too!
Greets from Germany :slight_smile:

Would also like to join :grinning: :+1:

Ill join! Greets from Argentina

Hey all, glad to see so much enthusiasm!

Couple of qs from me:

  • Slack has been suggested - does that work for people? Would you prefer discord or something here?
  • Pacing wise, I was thinking this is largely self-paced…should we do anything more formal? A goal to aim for a lesson a week or “office hour” type things?

If it’s alright with everyone, let’s aim to start this weekend! I’ve gone through lesson 1 and looking forward to continuing.

I would be fine with slack or discord. Also eager to starting…weekend is fine for me :+1:

I’d like to join - slack preferred but not too fussy.

Hello from France!

I’d be down for this. Slack sounds good to me, we could always branch out into other platforms/ways of communicating should the need arise.

OK great. I’ve set up this Slack channel: https://join.slack.com/t/fastai-eu/shared_invite/zt-h9s65juo-V97f92czefO5_1XEJPlBNA

The link will expire in 30 days, but I can generated a new one then if need be.

Thank you! See you all on slack :slight_smile:

Everyone, I’ll be working through lessons 1-2 and generally playing with code this weekend - join in on slack :slight_smile:

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I’m interested! See you all on Slack. :smiley: