Face recognition

Hi there,

are you aware of some face recognition algorithm, apart from the quite “old” DeepFace?

I need an algo to recognize that a face in a picture belongs to someone.

Thank you!

Hi Vincenzo

In a previous fastai one of the students created a cousin recognizer. So create n folders (one for each person). Place 100 photographs of the unique person in each folder. Now use the vision categorical cnn.

Regards Conwyn

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Hi VLavorini here is a link to the cousin classifer mentioned by @Conwyn Share your work here ✅ - #387 by whatrocks

Cheers mrfabulous1 :smiley: :smiley:

Hi Guys,
Thank you for your replies, but I was thinking about something more generic: that model can discern only between the limited number of people you choose at the start.

I believe I have to go the unsupervised way, i.e. clustering together similar faces, and then assign names to those clusters.

I keep search.

Thank you so much!