Face problem to run Jeremy's notebook "Is it a bird"

Hi everyone,
I edit Jeremy’s notebook “Is it a bird”, but when I run the last cell which is about probabilities and when I run the cell to check probabilities, it gives an error.
Anyone who knows, please help me.

Code which I ran:

is_bird,_,probs = learn.predict(PILImage.create(‘bird.jpg’))
print(f"This is a: {is_bird}.“)
print(f"Probability it’s a bird: {probs[0]:.4f}”)


/opt/conda/lib/python3.7/site-packages/PIL/Image.py in getattr(self, name)
539 )
540 return self._category
→ 541 raise AttributeError(name)
543 @property

AttributeError: read

It’s an issue with the latest version, simple work around is here


Thanks a lot AllenK