Extracting "Feature Vector" From XGBoost

Hello. I hope you are all doing well! I have just finished building a XGBoost using XGBClassifier from the XGBoost python library. It also uses LabelEncoder, StandardScaler and some other sklearn features. I am trying to deploy it using Scailable’s sclblpy` package. It request, among other things a “feature vector.” The example given is as follows:

fv = X[0, :]  # An example feature vector

This looks sort of like a feature shape (from my limited TensorFlow experience), but what actually is it? More importantly, how can I extract it from or calculate it for a XGBClassifier. Sorry if this is a silly question and thanks in advance for any answers! :smiley:

tl;dr: How do I get the feature vector (e.g. X[0, :] from an XGboost. (see above for context)