Extending the gift of seeing to others

Back in part 1 v1 Jeremy suggested that if we enjoyed the course, we could consider donating to the Fred Hollows Foundation. It is a foundation that restores sight and for as little as 25 Australian dollars a person might regain their ability to see. Multiples of 25$ - chance to help multiple people.

Jeremy teaches us how to give the ability of seeing to our computers, so it is only fitting in some highly abstract sense for us to pass this on to our fellow human beings :wink:

I just made a donation myself. Tried this earlier but the donation form has a significant usability bug - it makes state a required field and only gives you options to chose from Australian states. Thankfully this time around chrome autocomplete rescued me (or maybe they changed the form) and one can type the province / state you live in if you are from a foreign country.

Once you overcome the form issue, donating is very simple - you can even do so via PayPal.

Probably should have posted this while the course was in session but the form didn’t work for me back then… BTW I emailed them this time around saying that they might want to fix this but not sure if I was clear in the description - if you also encounter the same issue and would have time to shoot them a msg, that might probably be quite useful (you can do so from their website or while donating).

Not really going anywhere with this, but maybe if someone else donates as a result of me posting this that would be really cool :slight_smile:


I just selected a random state and it accepted the donation…FYI

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Thanks so much for sharing this, and for donating!

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On a different notion but a similar idea,

Every new year, I’d ask my parents to give me twice the amount of my Pocket money and donate books, clothes to an orphanage near my house.

This time, I was really lucky to be on college break and visit them and show some magic of programming in Scratch. I can’t describe the glow in the kids’ eyes.

I hope you’d help people like them, by sharing to those who don’t have the things we take for granted :slight_smile:


I was definitely motivated to donate because of this post :slight_smile:

Thank you for the heads-up on the ‘state name’ bug. I ended up selecting a random state from Australia and it was pretty quick after that.