Exporting normalization stats

Is there a simple way to export just the normalization stats from the leaner? Something like imagenet_stats thats already in the library. My goal is to train a model using a subset of the data before loading in the entire set for fine tuning.

I think learn.data.stats gives normalization stats. And its already calculated on a batch.

If I change the data, the normalization stats will be calculated on that batch. However, I want to normalize it based on the data I trained the model with, so that I can use a different dataset to fine tune the model.

I can’t seem to get that bit to work, learn.data shows that the data is loaded onto the leaner:

but both learn.data.stats and learn.data.batch_stats() raises an attribute error.

I’m working with tabular data which does not seem to have that. Do you think it would work if I just copied that part over?