Existing github repo with nbdev but _proc not reflecting images

Hello All,

Weeks ago was able to use nbdev in many of my existing repos, configure my notebooks with respective frontmatter and publishing in GitHub pages. Not sure if nbdev 2.3.8 or what, but now my notebooks/images folder does not exist anymore in _proc folder and the sidebar.yml contains more files than the ones I need to publish.

Any recommendation on what could I check here?


Was testing with nbdev 2.3.4 and confirmed the difference in sidebar.yml I described in my previous post.
version 2.3.4 sidebar.yml only contains my ipynb files
version 2.3.8 and 2.3.9 sidebar.yml contains all files in my notebooks folder
Still wondering what happened with images, all of them are in the notebooks folder in a image folder, but to publish in GitHub Pages, then I supposed to use the _proc folder.
I don’t include _docs nor _proc folder under version control in GitHub, then not sure when the images stop showing in _proc folder.

Here my GitHub for testing