Exception occured in `ProgressCallback` when calling event `before_validate`: 'float' object cannot be interpreted as an integer

Hello to everybody
I just found fastai but it seems it doesn’t like me
I am executing this simple command
and everything goes kaboom
It seems that pretty much all the tutorials ,jupyter notebooks have mixed code from various versions show I can’t understand what might be the problem
The code till this point works judging from the show_batch that shows the images from my Loader (dataframe)
Any ideas ?
Environment : The plain simple Google Colab…nothing special
And the imports are :

from fastai.vision import *
from fastai.vision.all import *
from fastai.metrics import error_rate, accuracy
import os
import pathlib
import warnings
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from fastai.vision.data import ImageDataLoaders
from google.colab import drive

Strangely I had to resize to a very small size my Images to even run the
If any more info is needed let me know