Examples of data manipulation by governments

I was looking at data about total recovered cases in USA.

South Dakota has large percentage recovered covid-19 cases . (34 out of 101 are declared as recovered).
This is significantly higher rate than any other place in USA.

While most of the states has at least two negative tests as a criteria for classifying previously tested positive subject as “recovered”

South Dakota State authorities have declared these(total 31) cases as recovered not on basis test results but on observation that these patients have not experienced fever in last 72 hours!

(check the video at 31. seconds about positive note).

This is ridiculous and very unscientific and potentially very dangerous!!

Well this decision isn’t unfounded, ate least according to that link which points to CDC.

Of course: CDC itself is a governmental organization. There is no argue against that.

Again about the video, I’m not sure but maybe some information was omitted (if they are following the above guideline, then the fever is just one point) as usual.