Eval: false not working?

I have this cell:

#|eval: false

which opens a local browser and goes to a data product homepage.
I don’t want this to be executed during nbdev_test, but it is.
Am I doing something wrong?

I am using the most recent version of nbdev and dependencies.

Hmm I’m unable to repro this. I have a notebook with one cell:

#| eval: false
assert 0

I run nbdev_test and it passes. If I remove the #| eval: false then nbdev_test fails as expected.

I had almost the same problem. I had;

#| eval : false

3 = 2

the problem? the space between “eval” and the “:”. But I can’t reproduce your error. Maybe someone tweaked the code?

Dang! Turns out I used that call a 2nd time in a different notebook that wasn’t creating the API, but a tutorial! It skipped me that ALL notebooks are being tested of course… sorry for the noise!