EU Study Group Nov'23

I would like to set up energetic study group for West EU (around GMT + 1). Anyone interested?
You can reach out to me threre or on linkedin :).
Marcin Wizgird

Hi Marcin,

Define “energetic” :sweat_smile:. I’d be more than happy to find and join a study group. I’m on GMT+2 but between the day job and other responsibilities, time is quite scarce.


I’m on GMT+3, but I think it won’t cause any issue since this is an asynchronous class. If it’s ok, it would be great to form a study group.

I am interested in joining a study group. I’m in EST time zone but want to follow along.

sign me up!

Hi I’m GMT and would be interested in joining, as long as it is mainly async through discord for example, with a few online meet ups here and there :+1:

I’m in GMT+1 timezone.
Currently I’m at Lesson 3 (Chapter 4 of the book).
And interested to join…


I am in GMT, and would be interested in joining.


This is my timezone! I go away from Tensorflow and switched to Pytorch. This way I have reached this great community and Jeremy’s book. Althought that I’ve got some experience in the deep learning, Jeremy’s book is worth doing some backwards even at cost going forward to diffusion models. Usually I learn at evenings and at night.

Hi Everyone :),
Firstly, could you suggest the days it suits the best to hold some kind of 1h session or longer if needed to discuss the course topics such as chapter questions or own work, ideas, challenges? Shall it be week day or Saturday/Sunday?
Secondly, which platform would you prefer to communicate: Discord, Teams, Slack?
Personally, I dispense with some experience in deep learning and I would to add it the unique practicality and application perspective introduced by Jeremy’s book :)…