Error on links in Lesson 8 discussion

Continuing the discussion from Lesson 8 Discussion:
I get errors on the download links for data files and notebooks on

You’ll need to download the following data files for this lesson:

The class is based on the following papers:

I’ll edit this post as more information is available.

Slides and notebooks:

Was the location changed ?


Eric ,
Notebooks can be downloaded from the Git hub link ( )

Data files can be downloaded from the same link. Please note that the link that you have pasted above has some issues. Please use this link


Thanks Chetan,

I’m looking at Deep Learning Lesson 1 of Part 2 (ie. starts with Lesson 8) as I already have a copy of that Github for DeepLeaning1 (lessons from 5 months ago).

My understanding is that Part 2 is hosted differently than Part 1: no and no github.


Please try this link for Notebooks.



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Sorry about that! Forgot to add the ‘.gz’ extension. Fixed now.