Error installing Anaconda in Cygwin

When following instructions to install Anaconda in Cygwin I am receiving the following error:

installing: python-3.6.2-hdfe5801_15 … line 351: /home/ben/anaconda3/pkgs/python-3.6.2-hdfe5801_15/bin/python: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Any help resolving would be appreciated.

Thank you,

You can’t install Linux Anaconda in Cygwin - you need actual Linux or Windows Subsystem for Linux to do that.

Thank you for the reply.

Do I need Anaconda installed locally for the course?

Or is having the EC2 AMI instance sufficient?

EC2 is fine.

I guess you are windows 8.1 or old. If yes, please note that PyTorch is not supported on windows thus try external services like crestle, paperspace, aws or floydhub etc. even for work that you would normally do on local CPU.

Thank you for the recommendations.

Thank you for the confirmation