Error in index.ipynb when importing notebooks

Hi everyone.

I am trying to create a small library using nbdev. I was able to successfully create two notebooks but, when I want to show some examples in index.ipynb, I get a weird NameError.

I import my notebook function like this:

from xapi_analysis.input_json import *
from xapi_analysis.input_csv import *

And I get the following error:

BFile ~/code/xapi_analysis/xapi_analysis/
32 print(json.dumps(statement, indent=indent))
34 # %% …/nbs/00_input_json.ipynb 12
35 def get_value(statement: dict, # Our xAPI statement imported from JSON
36 key: str # The key we are interested in
—> 37 ) → Union[str, dict, List, None]: # The value associated to the key in the statement
38 “”"
39 Return the value associated to the specified key in the statement dictionary.
40 If the key does not exist, returns None
41 “”"
42 if key in statement:

NameError: name ‘Union’ is not defined

But the same cell works fine if I run it from the other notebook, and I of course have a call to

from typing import Union

What am I missing here?

I managed to solve it.
I am writing here just in case it happens to others: I forgot to add the #| export directive in the cell where I import the libraries ^_^’
Once that was fixed, everything worked perfectly