Error importing from fastai.text

I am getting ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bcolz'error while importing from fastai.text import *

I made sure to do git pull and conda env update all before running the notebook. But seems the environment is not synced somehow.

What am I missing?

Nevermind. Resolved this issue. I forgot to activate the environment by source activate fastai


I’ve done that so many times…

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Hi, I´m a beginner in fastai, and I´m getting this error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘fastai.text’.
I just tried “git pull” in fastai folder ,“conda env update” and “source activate fastai”.
Other commands like from "fastai.imports import * " and "from fastai.transforms import * " work fine.
Can anybody help? Thanks

Are you sure you have a simlink to the fastai library in your folder?

Thanks for the reply.
I´m a beginner and just finished the DL part 1. Never had any problem with the imports.
I keep all my notebooks in courses/dl1 folder.
But I´m going to start part2 and I don´t know how if there is any environment preparation or so…
I did “git pull” inside fastai dir, but folder dl2 with all the notebooks and related data are not being downloaded.
I don´t know how to do a simlink to the fastai library in your folder!
Do you mind helping me with a step-by-step?
Many thanks.

Maybe you’ve got the old 2017 repo?